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The word garage as we understand it today is thought to originate from the French suggesting a location where one docks”. Given the truth that most males who have a garage love to hang around in it, this definition is fitting. Garages are a male’s sanctuary, a place where he “docks” to create and repair things, where he can do “individual” stuff and house his beloved automobiles, toys, and tools.

The very first thing to think about is how much space you will require and exactly what design of garage you would like. Our garage plans for one car are Workshop Garage along with the Hi Barn Garage, just recently included the Addison Garage. Also have the Classic Garage available for one car, the primary difference is it comes with a lot more design in how it is built. Garage styles offered in 2 car garages are our Modular Garage and Raised Roofing Garage and are built like modular homes because they come pre-assembled, and put together on your site. The Truss Garage we make on your concrete floor, or you can select a wood floor at an extra cost. The Workshop Garage and Hi Barn Garage are portable in nature, and we can deliver in one piece. Modular Garage and Raised Roof Garage are rendered in 2 halves and bolted together.

A garage from Waterloo Structures offers a highly budget friendly option to fill many requirements. One thing to always consider before making any decision is always to consult your regional zoning board or somebody that can clarify what might be required on your part, to stay within all regulations.