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Henderson North Carolina Your handmade shed will save you money.
Choosing the Right Garage at the Right Price
Henderson North Carolina What You Should Know About Sheds

Custom Design

Build your ideal outdoor structure from a variety of material choices and layout options.

Henderson North Carolina Are You Prepared for Back to School? Your Family Needs a Shed

Professional Guidance

Our practical design team can help you discover the best options for your new utility structure.

Henderson North Carolina Decorating a Shed

Rapid Turnaround

We can take your design from concept to product in just 4-6 weeks in many cases.

Henderson North Carolina Adding Shelves to Your Shed

Onsite Delivery

We can place your new outdoor structure practically anywhere on your property with our SHED MULE.

Henderson North Carolina Feeling Disorganized? Why Your Family needs a Shed

Satisfaction Guarantee

We will work to address any common issue that may come up with your garage after delivery.

Henderson North Carolina Need Extra Space? Get a Shed!

Exceptional Value

Our team takes pride in delivering a superior product at a price that makes it accessible.

Clients Testimonials
Henderson North Carolina Walls Closing in on You? A Shed is the Answer.

Doris A. Wright

It seems I'm finding new ways to use my new Workshop garage every day. I stash all of my heavy garden supplies in it, and even use it as a studio for building birdhouses.

Henderson North Carolina Too Much Stuff? Get a Shed!

William T. Cole

The Hi Barn was the absolute perfect choice for me. I live in a small house with a decent amount of land, so it delivers all the storage I need.

We are the BEST choice for
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Information for Henderson, North Carolina

Henderson, city, seat (1881) of Vance county, northern North Carolina, U.S., about 45 miles (70 km) northeast of Raleigh. The area was settled by Germans, Scots, and Scotch-Irish in the early 1700s, and the town was laid out in 1840 and named for ChiefJusticeLeonard Henderson of the state's Supreme Court. Dairying, livestock raising, and feed are important to the economy, and tobacco is the major crop in the area. The city's diversified manufactures include textiles, home furnishings, glass containers, and mobile homes. Kerr Reservoir, part of the development of the Roanoke River basin, is 6 miles (10 km) north. Inc. 1841. Pop. (2000) 16, 095; (2010) 15, 368.

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Henderson - How to Choose the Right Garage For Your Home Articles

Prefab Garages

Who doesn't wish for a custom-designed loft apartment with a luxury bathroom, highly insulated walls, top-notch heating and cooling systems with recessed lighting, built-in cabinetry and shelves, and two wide easy-to-access doors with state-of-the-art remote operated garage door openers for their new garage addition? Your new garage may not be too big to fail, but it can be too big and too complex to be cost effective. (It can also be too big for your mortgage lender to finance.) Prefab garage kits and free garage plans are two ways to substantially reduce the cost of garage construction and get more bang-for-your-buck. Here's what you need to know to maximize the potential of these resources and eliminate the pitfalls.

Understanding Prefab Garage Kits

Prefab garages are often marketed as a way to inexpensively build a garage on your own. Indeed, many handy homeowners undertake this project to great success every year, but for every success story there is at least one "horror" story from a homeowner who equates "prefab garage kits" with "some assembly required." A prefab kit for a major home improvement-such as a garage addition-isn't just a more complicated version of assembling an office desk or bedroom dresser from the local furniture store. You need basic carpentry skills, experience reading detailed construction plans, and a huge chunk of time and patience to review the instructions and them follow step-by-step.

Prefab Garage Installation

Most prefab garage kit manufacturers will, at the very least, make a recommendation that you hire a professional for laying the concrete foundation of your new garage. The foundation planning and application is typically the most expensive and technically demanding, but also the most important, component to get right. Many skilled homeowners might very well be able to build their own garage from a prefab garage kit, if only they have the foresight and wherewithal to delegate the foundation to a concrete professional. It's also worth noting that prefab kits can be installed entirely by a professional such as a handyman or carpenter. This route will cost more than doing it yourself, but usually less than hiring a general contractor or garage addition company.

Plans for Prefab Garages

Whether it's a new home, a kitchen remodel, or a garage addition plan, professional home builders and contractors don't just start building from scratch, they follow detailed, carefully crafted plans. Your new garage needs to be conceived, designed, and professionally rendered before construction can begin. Of course, most construction companies have staff members who can generate these plans for you, but you may be able to save some time and money by providing ready-made garage plans yourself. Plus, these plans should ensure you're comparing apples-to-apples when soliciting estimates from multiple contractors.

Free garage plans are available through a number of online resources, but just like anything else, there is usually a reason they're free. Rudimentary plans may still provide you with a reasonably strong garage, but they're not going to offer many, if any, bells and whistles, and many result in a finished garage that won't last nearly as long as more high-quality plans. That said, it's not a bad idea to print out a free garage plan and take it to three garage builders to solicit estimates. This way, you can get an apples-to-apples comparison without spending a dollar and with no pressure to stick with these plans if you decide to upgrade or change the design before the construction begins.

Prefab Garages, Kits, Garage Plans, and Building Permits

Some homeowners make the mistake of assuming that a prefab garage circumvents the need to secure a building permit for a garage addition. Other homeowners don't realize that using a prefab garage kit is of no advantage during this process. The truth usually lies somewhere in between. Many prefab kits gain pre-approval in many jurisdictions throughout the country, but the homeowner must still apply for the permit. Even if pre-approval isn't granted, you will have the advantage of a large corporation with a vested interest in getting their kit approved in your area. And having big business on your side never hurts when it comes to politics.
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